We believe in people's connections and we make them easy to create.

We Enable Business Connections for Startups

We believe that every Startup needs to have their ideas immediately validated on the market and that they must do it in the simplest and fastest way. We want to create a new tool to make it possible to enhance all the innovation effort that each Founder places on the market, presenting their technologies on the market in the best possible way and quickly.

Every Founder has the right to it, and thanks to Innovation Match they can now do it.

We Enpower Innovation Adoption for Corporates

We believe that all Managers must bring innovation within their company, and that they must do it in a simple way and with adequate consistency. We believe that innovation is created with full knowledge of the solutions on the market and with the strategic choice of the best applications for one’s business objectives. We believe that the innovative services offered by startups are the first and best tools they can evaluate.

All Manager have the right to innovate, and Innovation Match is the place where it can all happen.

The Open Innovation Hub

We create engaging business matching events where startups can pitch their ideas and technologies directly to their target companies.

Why do we need Innovation Match?

No matter what your goal is, the important thing is that innovation is central to your mindset. We believe that bringing innovation should be an important part of your day, and with our platform we give this activity a home.

Business Matching automation

Direct Match based on Startups and Corporates needs.

Networking made easy

Strengthen your network by creating valuable connections.

Innovation responsIbility

Adopt innovative technologies and make the world a better place.

Some things you should know


The Innovation Match team selects the startups that send the subscription request with different criteria (technologies used, distinction by innovation, market potential and target, …) to present to the companies on the platform only startups with suitable characteristics.

The request is confirmed within 48h, and you will receive a confirmation email of subscription in case of approval.

Companies can send startups meeting requests through the platform to explore and evaluate the innovative services and technologies you offer. 

Once you have received the match request, you can accept or reject it at your discretion depending on the type of company or contact person you are going to meet.

If you have a Plus, Premium or Sales+ plan, you too can send match requests directly with a short introductory message relating to the motivation of the contact, to encourage and increase the number of your matches.

Matches take place through private video calls in which you will meet directly with company managers. The companies will indicate up to 3 availabilities and you can confirm the one you prefer. 

Once confirmed, you will receive a calendar with the relative link to the private video call that you will hold directly with the companies.

As a service that connects your startup with business managers, Innovation Match is suitable for startups that sell their services to companies (B2B and B2B2C).

However, if you have a startup that sells only to the final consumer (B2C) but you are looking for commercial partnerships or agreements with companies, Innovation Match is still useful for developing them and can therefore be used by you.

Yes of course, but not only!

Innovation Match is a natural accelerator of business and connections, but also a tool that allows you to increase your visibility and brand awareness within the startup ecosystem.

Furthermore, in our events, you will be able to meet people with whom you can contaminate your experiences, without necessarily doing business directly, and you will be able to take advantage of educational and interesting content relating to specific topics.


All company managers who want to evaluate innovative services offered by startups can register, evaluating when they want new innovative services.

Yes, of course!

Registration for corporate managers is free and always will be.

The business matching service is paid for by startups. There are also paid services for companies that want to open an open innovation program, which are optional and can be activated according to the companies’ innovation needs.

Yes of course, but it is also important to register only and exclusively if you intend to evaluate new services offered by innovative startups.

We make a commitment with our startups, and it is important that there is also for company managers who want to participate in Innovation Match.

From the platform you can send match requests to the startups that interest you.

The match take place through a video call in which the startup will present its innovative services to you.

At the time of the request you will be asked for 3 availabilities which can be confirmed by the startups within 24 hours of the request.

Once availability is confirmed, you will receive a calendar on your email address which will include a video conferencing link to hold the meeting.

Yes, we can create ad hoc projects based on specific requests from companies that want to select startups for a specific business project.

In this case, the Innovation Match staff will be an active part of the startup selection process and will help you to best implement your business innovation project.